Set up your utilities in minutes.
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Less work for your office

When you use MyProviders, you save time and work when onboarding new residents. You see which residents have electricity and insurance required to move-in. No more chasing residents and upsetting their move-in day. You will know when residents have met your utility requirements for move-in.


Make it easier on new residents

When your Residents use MyProviders, they see the real price of electricity at their apartment, not confusing kWh prices.

Residents can setup electricity, internet, and insurance in 5-minutes, using their mobile device. No need to talk with anyone in most cases.


Price Transparency

We don’t mark-up prices, and we automatically include any promos offered by providers. Less confusion. Less hassle.


Revenue share

When your office uses MyProviders, it earns money. Let us show you how. We are the onboarding service you’ve been waiting for.